About us

The name Audi Denkwerkstatt (which literally translates as ‘the Audi ideas workshop’) stands for our way of working. We generate ideas through experience in the urban environment and the exchange of views with our partners in the digital ecosystem. But for us this is only the beginning: implementation takes priority with us, just as it would in an automotive workshop – very pragmatic, practical, through experimentation and above all through team work – in order to reach the best result together in the shortest possible time.

The Denkwerkstatt team would like to set up partnerships with start-ups and creative talent from the digital ecosystem to implement products and business models together. In doing so, we are following our mission: „We develop solutions that answer the needs of our customers in urban areas” and focusing on business models which shape various forms of mobility, but which do not have to have anything to do with cars.

The Denkwerkstatt is also the interface between the digital ecosystem and our Audi sites. We link start-ups with creative ideas in a targeted way with our colleagues in the global Audi network. These can be ideas for process improvements, vehicle development or even innovations in the areas of HR, IT, data security, sales, finance or similar.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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